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The story

a dream come true

Profil Bas - déjà vu is a love story between music and Jacques Angénieux, aka Jaco Loco. An engineer and music lover, Jacques is passionate about jazz and French songs, especially the ones from authors such as Brassens, Henri Salvador or Nino Ferrer.

In 2007, he left France to "escape winter, leafless trees and crows" and moved to Costa Rica. He met Olsen del Toro, a Cuban musician who also relocated there and collaborated on a repertoire of French acoustic songs with a Cuban flair.

From their union was born "Profil Bas - déjà vu » orchestra and new musical opportunities. They met Ian Alvarenga and his trumpet, an instrument that Jacques immediately wanted to integrate into the project.

Olsen and Ian's musical arrangements uplift Jacques' voice in an album recorded in Costa Rica in 2018 called "Déjà Vu". 

Ever since Jacques Angénieux continues to pursue his dream and today, he produces "Profil bas - déjà vu" and his debut show. Best described as a tropical acoustic singing café, the show mixes French poetry with Latin rhythms.
For a brief moment, the subtle mix of genres helps us escape. We forget the original melodies and are thrown into a new world where we dance and sing along to lyrics that every French person knows by heart. 

The people

From the young musician who found the band's name to the last album (currently being recorded), the story of Profil bas - déjà vu is primarily a story of people.